About Me

Emily Todd is a lifelong-lover of all things delicious. Peek in as a recovering model charts her blossoming relationship with cooking, whole foods and the elusive pursuit of the perfect chocolate chip cookie.


11 responses to “About Me

  1. Kathryn C. Gardner

    Hi, Emily!
    What a great idea! Good for you! The recipes look absolutely fabulous and good for us. I’m going to try several of them, Darling. Love,
    Grandmother Gardner

  2. Kathryn C. Gardner

    Wonderful idea! So enjoyed your photos as well as the recipes. Good for you! Grandmother Gardner

  3. Nancy Skabelund

    One of our good friends is an excellent cook. He
    is going to try some of your receipes. I will
    also try some of the easy ones. You are very
    creative!!! So glad we know you and love you!!

  4. I love your use of alternative flours and your passion for beautiful and delicious food! xxoo
    you will be the next big culinary star!!

  5. Hi Emily, I remembered you telling me about your blog during Sandra’s class last week, so I checked it out– AMAZING!! I’m so excited to try some of your recipes!! It was nice to meet you, and thank you for sharing your passion for yummy food 🙂

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  7. Hey Emily!

    Found your blog! It’s great — not sure I knew about it before. Hope all is well with you. Judy’s mentioned you quite a bit and meeting you was definitely the highlight of my stint at Bamboo. Can’t wait to keep reading!


  8. I just found your blog via FoodPress and I absolutely love it! (I’m not just saying that either!) 😉
    Your recipes look amazing and I love your style of writing. Can’t wait to read more. 😀

    • Erika,

      Thank you so very much for the kind words! I am thrilled that you enjoy my blog, that is so gratifying to hear! I just checked out your blog and loved it. Hooray for new blog buddies!



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