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The Art of Strategic Rebellion: Toasted Quinoa Salad with Pears, Cherries, Almonds & Goat Cheese

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I love you, quinoa. You never do me wrong. I dress you up, I dress you down. I have you for breakfast, I have you for dinner. When I’m in the mood to be naughty and blatantly ignore the concept of a “recommended serving size” (my own special form of rebellion), I can safely do so with you. Overdosing on protein, fiber, antioxidants and amino acids has never hurt anyone, as far as I know.

Oh, and if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, I know you know that quinoa is a protein superstar. It contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a highly coveted non-animal product complete protein. Hot damn! Not to mention, it’s dirt cheap, particularly when you go crazy with those fun little scoopers in the bulk bins at Whole Foods, and leave with several pounds of it for just few dollars. Are you seeing a theme here? You can overdo it with quinoa without hurting your stomach or your wallet. Because isn’t overdoing it once in a while just fun? Don’t we all want to feel like we’re getting away with something? Choose quinoa as your accomplice in the art of strategic rebellion.
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Change-Your-Life Raw Brownies

Sugar is my Achilles’ heel. Always has been, and at the risk of sounding indolent, probably always will be. Nevermind that fact that I can pound wheatgrass shots and veggie juices with the best of ’em, I just can’t seem to shake this particular monkey off my back. I can’t ever have just one serving/slice/square/bite of anything containing some incarnation of sweetness, oh no, I have to have several Everest-sized servings. I am always on the lookout for a dessert recipe that will minimize the damage I do when I go on one of my infamous sugar benders. I adore any sweet treat with fruit, nuts, whole grain flours, honey… you get the idea. My distorted junkie logic assures me that this is license to go for the gold and have those two extra helpings.

When I saw this recipe for raw, vegan brownies, brownies that merely contained dates, walnuts, almonds, and raw cacoa, my eyes did a little bit of bugging. “Could this be the recipe that finally saves me from my self-destructive sugar addiction?” I wondered. And so off I motored to Whole Foods as fast as my sugar hangover from the previous night’s festivities would allow, miniscule grocery list in hand, in search of raw cacao powder and a boatload of Medjool dates. FOUND.
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